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Zum Betrieb von CityGuide DMS benötigen Sie die kostenlose Java-Umgebung. Klicken Sie hier um eine aktuelle Version der Java Virtual Machine herunterzuladen.

  Welcome to Webnologic Internet Systems

Software-Developer for network-oriented Solutions in GIS- and mobile CDS (Content Distribution Services)-systems.

We develop front-end-systems for interactive services based on GIS data, georeferenced maps and object data of any kind for use over the Internet, intranet, on mobile devices and on CDROM / DVD media.
Another area of specialization lies in the development of network based distribution systems for mobile applications and information.

Definition: FRONT • END

"In software design, the front-end is the part of a software system that interacts with the user and the back-end is the part that processes the input from the front-end. Separating software systems into "front ends" and "back ends" is an abstraction that helps to keep different parts of the system separated."

Unsere Produkte Utilize synergie effects ...

CityGuide-systems offer a software frame, in which maps and data may be processed and visualized with managable effort.

Information within CityGuide DMS can easily be made available to mobile applications. These applications are transmitted by CityGuide BLUE.

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Successful Partnerships

On the page "Our Partners" you can get an overview over Partners and Customers of Webnologic IS. We look back on a large number of completed projects and are proud to announce, that we are to 99% an official government contractor.

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  Current Projects:

Aerial views Hagen

On the web pages of the city Hagen you can now access aerial views with house numbers and streetnames and a maximum ground resolution of 5 cm.
Click on this link and take a look.


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